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Hey my name is Foot! I'm a human, a dreamer, nomadic artist/ musician, event coordinator, and creator of projects: HOUSELESS RECORDS & Hobo Rag Trade. We're all going on Front Porch Tour this fall 2019. This website is the centralized location for information! 

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Our mission: DE-STIGMATIZE the homeless.

Support street musicians.

Connect community.

HR is hitting the road for Front Porch Tour.

#FPT2019 is a house show & community building tour across America, highlighting hobo musicians and giving back to non-profits.


Hello, my name is Foot. Once upon a time, I hit the road. 
My sheltered and privileged horizons were quickly broadened when a homeless community took me in. 
There's more to the story, but the moral of it, is that I was exposed to the underbelly of America.
It's hard for me to summarize what I saw and what I learned throughout 4 years of nomadic life, 
but ultimately it's what inspired HOUSELESS RECORDS. 
This dream started as a seed. A few people believed in the project. So I found ways to water it and myself.
Hosting events, volunteering with non-profits, hunting for the right bus, getting a job in social work,
building a website, learning, growing, gaining teammates, and finally buying a bus. 


OPEN MIC January - May (2019) Foot, on behalf of HR, started and hosted open mic at Stowaway Cafe in Homer, Alaska. Thank you to Lynsey Stow, cafe owner, for making delicious discounted soup for the community to share and for her consistent generosity and support. Open Mic was successful in building a community of people willing to hold space and be vulnerable. Many musicians grew during these 5 months and we were blessed by some houseless musicians along the way too. 

RELEASING STREET MUSIC In Fall 2018, HR captured some of our first audio recordings, right off the sidewalk, while Foot backpacked through the Pacific North West. Sadly some of the tech was damaged and has been difficult to resurrect. We haven't given up though. HR will continue to pursue recording street musicians, especially during Front Porch Tour 2019. 

VOLUNTEERING with TEENS at the R.E.C. Room, a "youth Resource & Enrichment Co-op" that provides programs, activities, access to resources, education, and a safe space to hang out with peers for kids 12-18 yrs old (some of whom struggle with unstable housing). In Jan. 2019, Foot from HR started Music Mondays, a program at the R.E.C. room where we teach kids music skills. HR helped maintain and bring in more music supplies and teachers to the R.E.C. Room. Mike now teaches Music Mon. 

HAGS is the Homeless Action Group in Homer, who's goal is to set up a homeless shelter or bunk house for teens struggling with unstable housing. Foot attended these meetings to learn about the logistics on this process, while sharing insight from her houseless experiences. The project took a hiatus and HR learned about the many struggles in finding ways to get sustainable funding for housing projects.